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2009-06-17 New York, NY | Beacon Theatre

Recordings made available by Dan at nyctaper and by Aaron at RespektOnline:
Folding Chair
Lucky Penny
Time Is All Around
The Calculation
One More Time with Feeling
On the Radio
Blue Lips
Riot Gear
Laughing With
Bobbing for Apples
That Time
Aprés Moi
Human of the Year
Poor Little Rich Boy
Ink Stains
Consequence of Sounds
Man of a Thousand Faces

This show marked the live debuts for "Eet", "The Calculation", "Machine", "Riot Gear", and "Ink Stains". Regina's accompaniment throughout the evening consisted of:
* cello + violin
** cello + violin + drums
*** cello + violin + cello + viola
**** cello + violin + cello + viola + drums

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Ink Stains

Written by: regina spektor

Available Recordings: Click to view

Lyrics (fan transcription):
all the holocaust deniers
to a bathhouse, warm and quiet
complimentary soap, complimentary haircut
and gas them up until they know that

all the ink stains on the wrist mean business
and god is the almighty witness
i wish they'd cure the friendly neighbors
of the disease which makes them haters

you who accuse the dying of lying
and can't tell fake from honest crying
argentina steakhouse swiss bank gold card
aren't going to help you where you're going at

so who'd be the jew to make the papers
drenched in blood up to your blue jew eyeballs
and god in his almighty wisdom
may somehow grant an open season

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