après   moi
Written By:
regina spektor

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The section in Russian is taken from a poem by Boris Pasternak. Thanks to Katie D, Django, and others for their help on this. The English translation is taken from learningrussian.com.

I must go on standing
you can't break that which isn't yours
I must go on standing
I'm not my own, it's not my choice

be afraid of the lame
they'll inherit your legs
be afraid of the old
they'll inherit your souls
be afraid of the cold
they'll inherit your blood
après moi, le déluge
after me comes the flood

Fevral'. Dostat' chernil i plakat'!
Pisat' o fevrale navzryd,
Poka grohochuschaya slyakot'
Vesnoyu chernoyu gorit.

февраль достать чернил и плакать
писать о феврале навзрыд
пока грохочущая слякоть
весною чёрною горит

February. Get ink, shed tears.
Write of it, sob your heart out, sing,
While torrential slush that roars
Burns in the blackness of the spring.