a  lesson in how   fleeting   preservation is
Written By:
regina spektor

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too much time spent
trying to crawl into a hole
then trying to crawl out of that hole

I followed the path of a piece of bread traveling
from one little sparrow's beak
to another little sparrow's beak

it picked it up, flew with it, dropped it then this other one
picked it up and flew with it again
and then they broke it into pieces
ate it up and forgot that it ever existed

they were still hungry at the end...

I was inside my office at the time and I got real scared
thought I saw two snakes slithering
then I remembered snakes don't live in carpeted areas

too much time spent
and I'm spent

there is an old meatball wrapped inside of tin foil
yeah, yeah, yeah
lying on the bottom shelf of our fridge
a lesson in how fleeting preservation is